Homeowners Insurance: Is It Really Important?

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In a word, yes.


Home is where the heart is.

Whether you’re in Seattle, Tacoma, or anywhere in between, your home is your greatest asset. It’s where you recharge, fuel, raise your family, and can truly be yourself. Home equals security.

But what if that security disappeared?

It can be easy to take the comforts that home offers for granted.

But about in the case of theft? Of fire?

What is protecting your home?

Without insurance, you are essentially helpless to peril and robbery.

That’s where homeowners insurance.

What Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Homeowners insurance protects you, your home, property, and possessions from peril and insures compensation if your home is damaged due to weather, fire, or vandalism. Here are some possible situations and the ways that home insurance can (or can’t) help.

If my house in Puyallup burns down, can homeowners insurance help replace lost valuables?


It also insures that, in the case of theft or destruction, personal possessions like clothing, books, and other effects are covered/replaced.

My dog bit my neighbor and they’re suing me. Can home insurance help me?

It can! Homeowners insurance protects members of your household from personal liability in case they injure another person. This includes animals. Under this policy legal fees are covered in case injured persons decide to sue.

My neighbor fell down my stairs and broke their ankle, but doesn’t want to sue.

In this case, homeowners insurance can help cover some medical expenses of the injured person.

My house and shed both had trees fall on them. Now what?

Both structures are covered for damage repair costs (up to policy limit) through dwelling and other structure coverage. This also applies in the cases of other inclement weather events (such as storms, lightning strikes, etc.) This also applies in cases of vandalism and other perils.

My home was destroyed by a volcanic eruption.

Unfortunately, volcanic activity and destruction is not covered under a normal home insurance policy. Volcano insurance can however be purchased for a fee.

If you’re near Rainier check out the United States Geological Survey’s chart of where lahars could flow in the event of an eruption.

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