If a natural disaster ever ruined your home in West Seattle, can your budget afford major repair costs? In a case of a robbery, can you afford to replace all that you have lost? Can you afford to pay the medical bills if a guest fell down your stairs and broke a leg? If the answer is definitely no, then now is the time to invest in Pfarr Insurance Agency home insurance policy, and know you are protected by the West Seattle Home Insurance Experts!

In the case of a catastrophe or injury, home insurance, also known as homeowner insurance, covers your home and its belongings. In the event of a destructive incident occurs in your home in West Seattle , such as an earthquake, it will help pay to fix, restore, or even replace your house, or other buildings on your land, and your belongings. It would also help to offset your responsibility for any accident or property harm to anyone that you or your family members cause (including your household pets). But there are also exclusions that you might not have known yet. These West Seattle home insurance exclusions are in place to avoid so-called insurance fraud or insurance abuse. 


west seattle home insurance

Most modern homeowners’ insurance plans provide coverage, subject to policy limitations and deductibles, for a broad variety of catastrophes, including fire, lightning strikes, windstorms, hail, civil commotion, vandalism, malicious mischief, and theft. However, flooding, earthquakes, and volcano damage are usually not covered by regular or standard home insurance policies. With that said, feel free to purchase a special insurance policy if you live in an environment where these incidents are common. Below are more common exclusions that you need to know:

1. High-priced and luxury items

Under the standard home insurance, high-priced jewelry and extravagant art collections may not be covered, but a separate policy will easily cover them.

2. Aggressive Dog Breeds

Your home insurance policy may exempt them from coverage when you have certain breeds of dogs as pets. Although your insurance policy would normally cover times where your pet bites someone in your home or when on a walk, insurers frequently exempt from coverage Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Akitas, Mastiffs, German Shepherds, and Alaskan Malamutes. To add coverage for your dog, you may have to buy a rider.

3. Water & Floods Damage

The standard home insurance policy still wouldn’t cover the loss if your basement floods and your belongings are lost. For that, you’ll need flood insurance for protection against flooding. Water flowing into your home from backed-up sewers is not usually exempt, but to shield yourself from this, you can also buy optional coverage.

4. Business Related Claims

Home insurance for claims related to business can be complicated. We recommend that you speak to an agent at Pfarr Insurance Agency about business insurance if you’re doing business in your home or out of your home. At Pfarr Insurance Agency, we’ve got strategies to address the needs of everybody.

5. Earthquakes & Volcanoes

Standard home insurance does not cover earthquakes and Earth movements. You can, however, buy additional earthquake insurance with an add-on. You can also buy extra coverage for volcanic hazards if you live near active volcanoes, such as in parts of Washington too.

You need the peace of mind you’ll get with a top West Seattle Home Insurance firm such as Pfarr Insurance Agency to cover your home and personal property when you own a home in West Seattle, WA. Here in Pfarr Insurance Agency, we know the ways of making life simpler for you and making it easy to find the coverage you need! We are the West Seattle Home Insurance experts that are ready to serve you with pride. Contact us for a free quote today at (253) 201-1500, and see how we can help you and your family stay safe and feel secure.



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