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University Place home insurance is the best way to protect your beautiful home from fire, theft, vandalism, and other covered perils. Home insurance gives you peace of mind; letting you stress less about finances and focus more on the important things.

As a local insurer based out of the Point Ruston in Tacoma, our aim is to keep our neighbors homes insured and protected for whatever unforeseen disaster may come.

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What’s Included for our University Place Home Insurance Policies?

There are several coverages that are standard for our home insurance policies.

These include:

Dwelling coverage

Dwelling coverage is the part of your University Place home insurance policy that can help pay to repair or replace the structure of your home if it sustains damage by a covered peril.

With most policies you get to set your dwelling coverage limit. When deciding, make sure to keep in mind factors like the cost of repair or replacement in case of damage or destruction. If you make any renovations to your home, make sure to let your local agent know. These changes may affect your policy and whether or not you want to change your limits.

Personal property coverage

Personal property coverage is the portion of your University Place home insurance policy responsible for compensating you for stolen or destroyed items under a covered peril. For example, if a book shelf is destroyed by a fire, personal property coverage can help pay the cost of repair or replacement. It’s important to remember that each policy is different. Actual personal property coverage varies for particular items and policy to policy. Each policy is subject to limits. The amount of compensation you may receive for your stolen or damaged items also depends on whether your policy offers replacement cost coverage or actual cash value compensation.

Other structures coverage

Other structures coverage is the part of your policy that helps pay for the repair or replacement of other structures on your property besides your dwelling. This includes:

  • Fences
  • Sheds
  • Detached garages
  • Gazebos
  • Barns

Typically, the amount of coverage available within a standard policy directly relates the coverage limit for your house (dwelling).

For example, often times the coverage available for other structure on your property will be a specific percentage of the dwelling coverage. So, if your coverage limit for your dwelling (house) is $750,000, the coverage limit for other structures may be $150,000, or 25% of your dwelling coverage.

Personal liability coverage

Say a guest comes to your home and bangs their head on a low-hanging light and needs stitches. Personal liability coverage helps you pay for the medical or legal bills that may come in this type of situation in case you get sued. This extends to your family members as well, including dogs.

Medical Payment Coverage

This portion of your policy helps you pay for medical bills of a guest who is injured at your home who doesn’t want to press charges. For example, if your neighbor’s child is over playing and falls down the stairs but their parents don’t want to sue, you can still help out with their medical expenses with medical payment coverage through your University Place home insurance policy.


When deciding on a University Place home insurance policy it’s important to be aware of what your policy may not cover.

Luxury Items

Most standard home insurance policies do not cover luxury items such as furs, art, or musical instruments. These items can be covered through scheduled personal property, an add-on meant cover these high-priced items.

Aggressive Dog Breeds

Personal liability coverage for standard policies typically doesn’t cover cases where aggressive dog breeds are involved, such as huskies, pit bulls, or german Shepard’s.

For more information on what your University Place home insurance policy covers, get in contact with your local Pfarr Insurance Allstate agent today!

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