Renters Insurance

Make sure your apartment or home is covered

Whether it’s an apartment or a house, if you rent, renters insurance is essential to helping protect you home. Like home insurance, renters insurance can help you pay for liability, medical expenses, and cover your belongings from damage and theft.

Contrary to popular belief, your landlord’s insurance policy doesn’t cover your personal items or offer you liability protection. In most all cases, landlord’s insurance will cover the structure of a home or building, but not whatever’s inside. 

For example, if your apartment catches on fire, landlord’s insurance will cover the repairs for the structure. However, items such as your clothing, shoes, and other personal items are not covered.

What Renters Insurance Covers

Personal Property Coverage

 This coverage helps cover the cost of replacement for belongings that are stolen or damaged under a covered peril. Personal property includes clothing, appliances, furniture, and other goods. Luxury items like fur coats, fine jewelry, and usual instruments may not be covered under perusal property coverage. You may be able to buy addition coverage to cover these items.

If your belongings are stolen, you will be reimbursed based either replacement cost or actual cash value, depending on your policy details. 

Liability coverage

Liability coverage helps to pay a guest’s medical bills who is injured in your home. This coverage keeps you from paying out of pocket if you are at fault (due to negligence or another reason).

Guest Medical Coverage

This helps to pay for reasonably and necessary medical expenses such as an ambulance or other medical care if a guest in injured in your home, whether or not it’s your fault

Additional living expense coverage 

This portion of your policy pay help cover accommodation expenses if your apartment or home is inhabitable. 

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