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Are you living in the Lakewood area and looking for affordable, comprehensive homeowners insurance? Let Pfarr Insurance Agency handle your home insurance needs.

Your home is the greatest asset you have. It’s important to make sure that it’s secure and protected. Whether its fire, theft, or personal injury, know your home is insured with Pfarr.

No matter if you’re a new buyer or looking to switch, Pfarr has a policy that’s right for you.

Why Homeowners Insurance?

There are many advantages to having homeowners insurance. The biggest advantage is knowing that your property, possessions, and family are safeguarded against theft, damage, and other issues that may arise.

Threats can arise when you least expect them. Having homeowners insurance helps mitigate the costs of damages and compensate for losses. If your home and property are uninsured you face the very real possibility of having to repair your home and replace your assets out of your own pocket.

What’s Included?

Dwelling coverage covers your home itself. Under this coverage you are insured if damages are sustained by your home (dwelling).

Other structures are also covered. This includes detached garages, fences, or sheds on your property. If these structures are damaged by fire, vandalized, or have a tree fall on them (just to name a few likely scenarios), you are covered for repair and/or replacement.

Personal property coverage ensures that your personal property (such as clothing, furniture, etc.) is protected against theft or damage. If your personal property is damaged under a covered peril or threat we will help pay to replace it.

Personal liability coverage covers you and your family members if any of your are responsible for damaging someone’s property or person. Personal liability coverage can help cover medical bills, repairs, and legal fees. This includes injures from an animal*.

*Note: Certain dog breeds may be excluded in your policy. They will be listed below

Guest liability covers any injures sustained by a guest on your property. In this circumstance, medical bills can be covered under your policy.

Additional living expenses covers the expenses you may have to pay if you cannot stay in your home (due to fire or other covered peril). This could include meals and hotel expenses.

Exclusions and Considerations

Each policy is different and can be modified to suit you and the needs of your family. There are some exclusions or add-ons to be aware of when considering investing in homeowners insurance.

Insurance policies have limits. These limits are the maximum amount that you are covered for. Be sure to understand what the limit is on your policy. Limits can be adjusted. As a general rule, it may be helpful to consider the total cost of repairing or rebuilding your home and replacing the things in it. By doing this you can be confident that all your assets are fully covered if they are damaged or destroyed.

Luxury items such as fine jewels and furs may not be covered under a general policy, but can be purchased in addition to your homeowners insurance policy.

Aggressive dog breeds such as Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Boxers, and other such dogs may not be covered under personal liability.

Inclement climate and weather events such as volcanos and earthquakes are not covered under homeowners insurance and can be purchased separately. Check the Washington State Department of Health’s Severe Weather and Nature Disasters page here to see if you are in a high-risk zone for these types of events.

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