What is the 80% rule for home insurance?

Understanding how the 80% rule works can make sure your home isn't underinsured if there's a loss and can help you avoid penalties. When it comes to insuring your home, the 80% rule is an important guideline to keep in mind. This rule suggests you should insure your...

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Insurance tips for homeowners

The tips below will help to make it easier if you need to file a claim and prove a loss: Plan ahead List and videotape or photograph the contents of your home. Engrave your larger possessions, such as your TV, stereo, etc., with identifying marks. Photograph or...

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9 Ways To Save on Homeowners Insurance in 2024

Shop Around One of the best ways to lower homeowners insurance costs is to do your homework before buying a policy. As you explore homeowners insurance providers, be sure to take these steps: Compare coverage: Don’t just focus on cost when you compare companies....

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Top Tips For Home Insurance Buyers 2024

A surge in home construction prices has been an ongoing story in 2021. A pandemic-induced supply chain disruption, inflation and labor shortages have contributed to a 15-year high for home construction backlog. While housing construction activity is expected to be...

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What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

What Is Homeowners Insurance? Homeowners insurance is a contract between you and an insurance company that outlines the situations in which the insurance company will reimburse you for costs related to damage and theft. What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover? The most...

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Homeowners insurance considerations when buying a house

Top 5 home insurance tips Get enough home insurance coverage. While it sounds simple, make sure you have enough coverage to completely rebuild your home (or ensure you have the deposit for a new rental), replace your personal belongings and protect yourself in case...

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The 20 Best Life Insurance Savings Tips in 2023

Tip 1. Always Use an “Independent” Life Insurance Agent This is our most invaluable tip that can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars when buying life insurance. There are 3 types of life insurance agents that you can use to buy life insurance...

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Top Car Insurance Tips For 2023

Driving Less? Look Into Pay-Per-Mile Insurance Perhaps you’re not driving as much because you work from home some days. Or you’re Ubering more. Either way, you might want to try out an alternative car insurance pricing model like pay-per-mile insurance. In general,...

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How to save money on car insurance

When it comes to lowering your auto premiums, you’re in the driver’s seat Having adequate car insurance is both smart and prudent, but there's no question that it adds to the expense of driving. The good news is that premiums can vary by hundreds of dollars depending...

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