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With Mount Rainier and Lake Tapps just outside your door, it’s no wonder why you’d want to call Bonney Lake your home. Modern enough to meet all your needs, and natural enough to satisfy that outdoors cravings. At Pfarr Insurance Agency we offer Bonney Lake homeowners insurance that’s affordable and smart. So whether you’re out of the trails or out on the town, you know your home is protected and insured.

Our Mission

“Everything starts and ends with the customer.”

~ Rob Pfarr

Pfarr Insurance Agency understands the importance of home. As a Tacoma-based agency we want to ensure our neighbors’ homes are protected and insured. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing Bonney Lake homeowners insurance plans that are comprehensive and don’t break the bank.

What’s Covered with Our Bonney Lake Homeowners Insurance

We offer comprehensive coverage for your home and property against damage, theft, fire, inclement weather and more.

With our Bonney Lake homeowners insurance your home (dwelling) is insured through us. That means that whether it’s fire, a lightning strike, or another destructive event, your home is covered for repairs and restorations.

Other structures on your property are covered by our Bonney Lake homeowners insurance as well. This includes garages, sheds, or fences. If a tree falls on a fence or someone runs into the garage, we’ll help with the costs (as far as coverage limits allow).

Additionally, personal property is insured. In the case of theft or the destruction of property (under the aforementioned conditions), possessions such as clothing, furniture, electronics and other items are covered.

We also cover issues of personal liability and medical payments. This means that if you or a family member injuries someone else and decides to sue, your policy can help cover legal bills and expenses (as far as your coverage limit allows). Personal liability includes injury caused by pets (such as a dog bite). If the injured does not want to sue, medical expense coverage allows you to help with that personals medical bills. For example, if your child’s friend is over and falls and hurts them self but the parents don’t want to sue, with medical payment coverage you could offer to help pay for their treatment.

Possible Exclusions in our Bonney Lake Homeowners Insurance

There are some possible exclusions from our standard homeowners policy that can be added on in a separate policy.

High-price items (such as fine jewelry or art pieces) are not covered in our personal property policy.

Aggressive dog breeds (such as German Shepherds, Pitt Bulls, Rottweilers, and Malamutes) may not be covered under our liability insurance.

Businesses that are run out of a private residence may not be covered under home insurance and need their own separate insurance.

Natural disasters such as earthquakes, flooding and damage resulting from volcanic activity may not be covered. For information about the risks of such natural disasters please visit the Washington State Department of Health’s website.

Please note that there are typically preset parameters of coverage. When discussing the details of the policy you want you may increase coverage if you wish.

Pfarr Insurance Agency has recently been named 2021 best insurance agency of the South Sound by South Sound Magazine. We thank our neighbors in Bonney Lake for their support, and we looking forwarding to continuing to serve them and their families.

For a quote about our Bonney Lake homeowners insurance, for inquiries about policy limits, and for more information on other polices we offer, contact us here or give us a call (253) 201-5100

We look forward to working with you!

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