12 Ways to Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Costs

The price you pay for your homeowners insurance can vary by hundreds of dollars, depending on the insurance company you buy your policy from. Here are some things to consider when buying homeowners insurance. Shop around It'll take some time, but could save you a good...

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Top 10 reasons to get renters insurance

While no one enjoys imagining worst case scenarios, preparation for such a situation can elevate some stress later should one arise. Could you afford to replace your laptop, television, clothes and furniture if your apartment suddenly caught fire? What about adding a...

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8 insurance points to consider before buying a car

Most people know they need insurance for their new car, but in the excitement of buying a vehicle they may not research it as carefully as they should. Skipping over this detail may cause financial problems almost as soon as you drive off the lot. “You need to shop...

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Top Tips For Home Insurance Buyers 2023

A surge in home construction prices has been an ongoing story in 2021. A pandemic-induced supply chain disruption, inflation and labor shortages have contributed to a 15-year high for home construction backlog. While housing construction activity is expected to be...

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10 Tips For First Time Home Buyers in Washington State

Are you a first-time homebuyer looking to purchase your first home in Seattle, WA? If so, you’ll want to gather as much information as possible to ensure that you make a sound purchasing decision. This article will provide tips to help you do just that. It’s been a...

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How an Umbrella Insurance Policy Works

Chances are slim that you will lose a lawsuit for a sum greater than what your existing insurance will pay. But if you ever did find yourself in that situation, you could lose all your savings and other assets. A good umbrella policy can prevent that nightmare from...

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How To Deal With Foggy Windows

No matter what the climate is like where you live, keeping the temperature comfortable inside your car may mean battling foggy windows. If you live in a climate with cold winters, you're often using the heater to stay warm in your car, which can result in fog on the...

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Pet Damage?

You came home to discover that Rover missed you so much he dug a hole in the carpet. And for good measure, he chewed through the drywall in the hallway. Now what? Such a situation may leave you wondering whether homeowners insurance covers pet damage to your house. AT...

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