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Updating your home insurance makes financial sense. Why wouldn’t you want to protect one of your most substantial assets? In most neighborhoods your home continues to grow in value. There are so many great communities around this city that make it a great place to call home.

Seattle Home Insurance: Exploring your Communities

The name Eastlake makes sense because it’s east of Lake Union. You can bypass I-5 traffic by traversing Eastlake into downtown Seattle. It’s a highly rated Seattle neighborhood with beautiful views of Lake Union. One of the best features of Eastlake is its parks. The I-5 Colonnade park offers a mountain bike course and an off-leash area for dogs. Fairview Park has a boat launch, and Terry Pettus Park a public float.

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The name Wallingford is actually a transplant from Maine, John Wallingford, who purchased land in this area between Lake Union and Green Lake in the late 1800s, lent his name to this neighborhood. One of Wallingford’s best-known areas is Gas Works Park, with super views of Seattle and Lake Union and a favorite spot for flying kites. Children and parents alike love Meridian Playground. The Good Shepherd Center on the grounds is a historic landmark, operating as a community center.

The Queen Anne neighborhood, well known for the steep climb to the top, earned its name from the ornate houses originally populating the hill in the late 1800s. The hill’s steepness, restricting access during our infrequent snowfalls, slowed its development as a Seattle neighborhood. The elevation provides stunning views of downtown Seattle, Lake Union, and the Sound. The Seattle Center and the Space Needle is the biggest attraction in lower Queen Anne. Kinnear Park, Ward Springs Park, and Marshall Park feature jaw-dropping views of the mountains, lakes, and downtown.

If you live in these beautiful neighborhoods or close to them, you know there are downsides. Porch pirates, amongst other property crimes, continue to plague these neighborhoods. You need home insurance that protects your assets.

What’s Included in our Seattle Home Insurance

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We offer comprehensive coverage for your home and property against damage, theft, fire, inclement weather and more.

With our Seattle home insurance your home (dwelling) is insured through us. That means that whether it’s fire, a lightning strike, or another destructive event, your home is covered for repairs and restorations.

Other structures on your property are covered by our Seattle home insurance as well. This includes garages, sheds, or fences. If a tree falls on a fence or someone runs into the garage, we’ll help with the costs (as far as coverage limits allow).

Additionally, personal property is insured. In the case of theft or the destruction of property (under the aforementioned conditions), possessions such as clothing, furniture, electronics and other items are covered.

We also cover issues of personal liability and medical payments. This means that if you or a family member injuries someone else and decides to sue, your policy can help cover legal bills and expenses (as far as your coverage limit allows). Personal liability includes injury caused by pets (such as a dog bite). If the injured does not want to sue, medical expense coverage allows you to help with that personals medical bills. For example, if your child’s friend is over and falls and hurts them self but the parents don’t want to sue, with medical payment coverage you could offer to help pay for their treatment.

Possible Exclusions with our Seattle Home Insurance

There are some possible exclusions from our standard homeowners policy that can be added on in a separate policy.

High-price items (such as fine jewelry or art pieces) are not covered in our personal property policy.

Aggressive dog breeds (such as German Shepherds, Pitt Bulls, Rottweilers, and Malamutes) may not be covered under our liability insurance.

Businesses that are run out of a private residence may not be covered under home insurance and need their own separate insurance.

Natural disasters such as earthquakes, flooding and damage resulting from volcanic activity may not be covered. For information about the risks of such natural disasters please visit the Washington State Department of Health’s website.

Please note that there are typically preset parameters of coverage. When discussing the details of the policy you want you may increase coverage if you wish.

For a quote about our Seattle home insurance, for inquiries about policy limits, and for more information on other polices we offer, contact us here or give us a call (253) 201-5100

You may enjoy the addition of a hot tub or a trampoline to your backyard. If your neighbors or their kids come over to use either, your liability can be an issue. Your home insurance should reflect the correct coverage to keep you out of trouble if someone injures themselves. As your assets increase, your policy liability coverage should reflect that increase. Your Seattle home insurance policy ought to protect your assets. You don’t want to find out after the incident you’re not adequately covered. On the flip side, you may not be getting all the discounts you can. Installing a security system, replacing the roof, updating the electrical system or retiring are items that can earn you a discount on your policy. You can save money with a review of your Seattle home insurance. Weoffer a review of your current policy or a quote. Protect your most valuable asset, your home, and possibly save a buck or two by contacting us about Seattle home insurance. Pfarr Insurance Agency, local to the area, and highly rated on Google. Contact us for a Seattle home insurance review or a quote for a new policy. We’re here to help protect your most valuable asset.

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